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How Interior Design Impacts Our Mood

Interior design can affect your mental state and perception of life. One needs to be able to unwind in their home courtesy of an inspired design. A workplace that does not look isolating and dreary enables the staff to remain productive. They stay positive as they contribute to a good outcome for the organization. Food quality is a vital factor in a restaurant. However, the ambiance will make the meals more enjoyable and cause customers to come repeatedly.


Most people think of interior design in terms of functionality and aesthetics. But amid it all, psychology plays a significant role. It contributes to how individuals feel. It impacts emotions and mood.


Color Palette


Color can impact human behavior. Hence, it is vital to carefully select your space’s colors for your mental and emotional well-being. The marketing industry understands this secret. For example, food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s use a combination of yellow and red, which prove to make people starved. Below are some of what most interior designers recommend:


  • Brown – Neutral and natural colors that can go well with neutral colors like white and green. Often suitable for wooden floors and furniture. However, too much of it can make a space feel old.

  • Red – Associated with love, power, and energy. However, too much of it can look fiery and intimidating. If used in moderation, a space can look inviting and warm.

  • Black – Often linked to mystery or death, so may seem not so cheerful. However, it can make a home very stylish if used in moderation. For example, most interior designers use black on kitchen walls and then add white cabinetry to brighten the room. It gives the space a modern touch.

  • Orange – Linked to youthfulness and creativity. An orange wall in a gym can encourage clients to go the extra mile. It can also spark conversations if painted in a conference room.

  • White – Signifies brightness and purity. You can accent a space with white walls using bold colors or metallics. You can also make a space feel open if you use white in moderation. For example, having white furniture and wooden floors.




Less is more in interior design. However, there are times you will need a counterbalance. Clutter can make you anxious. You may also feel lonely if you have a lot of space. Thus, one must be creative for a space to feel and appear big. You can also make a place more accessible by employing an open floor plan.


Tricks such as getting a white coffee table in a small room or hanging mirrors on walls make a space feel bigger.




Lighting plays a significant role in the psychology of space. You become happy and your mood lifts as soon as you enter a room with natural lighting. Sunlight can alleviate anxiety and depression. 


Think about where to place windows, the type of curtains to use to let in more light, and where to put your light fixtures to create a soothing mood.




After a long day of work, you would love to get to a home that makes you feel like your own. 


Flowers and Plants


Nature can elevate your mood. Studies show that plants in a room can improve memory retention and concentration. It also helps reduce stress. House plants improve the quality of air indoors and help reduce allergens. They also make your space look appealing.


Flowers help lift the mood. They help people have positive feelings and reduce the risk of depression. They also contribute to the aesthetics of a space.


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