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5 Tips to Hire the Best Contractor for The Job

When it comes to choosing a contractor to work on your home, whether it is some remedial work, additions to the existing home or building a new home from the start, choosing the right contractor is important to ensure a job well done. Homeowners will always want the best quality job, priced competitively and completed on time, and making the right decision about who to do the work is essential in finding the perfect balance in terms of quality, cost and time.



Here are a few tips to help you know what to look for when it comes to choosing the right contractor to do the job for you.


Are they a well-established company?


A reputable contractor will not mind you asking how long they have been in business, and they will understand that their customers will be looking for a company with an excellent track record. When having the discussion with them, you can also ask about their professional insurance to make sure they are a reputable company, as all good, established contractors will have insurances in place. It is also worth checking that they work from a fixed premises for your peace of mind. There is an element of risk to hiring someone who has no premises and only a cell phone for contacting them. Sadly, there are many reported occasions of unreputable contractors disappearing with a deposit or leaving jobs half finished, and with no way to chase them. By using a long-established company with proper premises, you reduce this risk and increase the likelihood of ensuring that you are using the best contractor that you can afford.



Check out reviews online


One of the best things about the continued growth of the internet and social media is that it makes less reputable companies stand out to customers. A wide range of research shows that if people have a bad experience, they are much more likely to share that experience with others than when they have been satisfied. The use of an online search engine and social media can help you check out any contractor you are considering, enabling you to find out if there is a pattern of problems or concerns. It isn’t all about the negatives though, some companies will stand out because of their excellent reviews and reputation, so while looking for the bad, also take the time to research and find out about those contractors who are highly rated in your local area.



Get a written quotation


Any reputable contractor will be happy to visit the site and give you a written quotation for the work you want done. They will detail the costs of materials, labor charges and any taxes applicable to the project. Within the quote they should also provide a start date, estimated completion date, how they manage the safety and security of the site and details regarding waste disposal and toilet facilities for those working on site. Do not be alarmed if there is an allowance for price flexibility to a certain percentage in your quotation as sometimes projects do present difficulties that may see an increase in cost. Nevertheless, a proper site assessment should help identify these, and your contractor will discuss the sort of flexibility of budget that may be required before pushing ahead.



Speak to other tradespeople


People in various trades often talk and hear about other people’s work, so if you have family members or friends working in any trades or have used contractors previously that you were happy with, asking them for information or recommendations can be extremely valuable. Just like looking online, talking to people “in the know” can help you get reliable, recent and honest feedback to help you make your decision.



Ask to see completed projects or projects in progress


Any reputable contractor will be happy to direct you towards recently completed projects and to provide a reference from the customers in question. They should also, unless safety concerns prevent it, be happy for you to see work in progress. Observing completed projects and seeing a site mid-project is a great way to visualize the finished result you will look forward to, but also to see how the contractor works and how well managed their site is.



If you have any more questions or would like further advice on how to select the right contractor for your job, call Randazzo Builders Inc. at (888) 281-4983 to reach our office in Sorrento, Florida.

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